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The first and only cistern to give BREEAM credits and LEED points.

By simply installing Eco Cistem instead of conventional cisterns, professionals such as architects, consultants, developers and specifiers can deliver buildings that are more water efficient than ever before.

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Eco Cistem enables additional credits to be claimed under BREEAM’s WAT 01 category.

Eco Cistem could provide two extra BREEAM credits and as many as five when used with other water saving devices.

WAT 01 aims to reduce the consumption of potable water for sanitary use in existing buildings from all sources through the use of water efficient components and water recycling systems.

BREEAM schemes are certified on a scale of Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent and Outstanding.

The more credits gained, the higher the BREEAM rating.

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By choosing Eco Cistem, up to six new points could be claimed in LEED’s Water Efficiency category.

LEED encourages projects to reuse water, including condensate and reclaimed wastewater for irrigation, toilet flushing and more.
Projects are rated Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The more points gained, the higher the LEED rating.

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BRE Innovation Park

Eco Cistem can be seen in use at the BRE Innovation Park – a centre of excellence for sustainable products and pioneering technologies.

BRE Innovation Park has full-scale demonstration buildings displaying innovative working designs that combine to address the environmental development challenges facing regions across the world.

Eco Cistem is fully plumbed and operational in a BRE Innovation House and on view to visitors.

BRE Innovation Park was established to inform sustainable development at a global level and stimulate creative solutions within the built environment.

It has parks in the UK and China with others being developed in Brazil and China.

For more information visit BRE Innovation Park

find out what you could save and why

Want to save water and money from a sustainable toilet solution?

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