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The world’s most environmentally friendly toilet cistern

Save water. Save money.

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Eco Cistem uses the condensation from air conditioning units to flush toilets.

Until now, this free, sustainable source of water has been drained to waste.

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The Eco Cistem works in exactly the same way as a traditional cistern

With the exception that it has an extra filling connection to allow a separate water source to be introduced (from the air conditioning unit).

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Eco Cistem holds 18 litres of water

Which is three times more than a conventional cistern thanks to its dual-chamber design.

Both chambers are filled with condensate, when the air conditioning system is in use.

When flushed, the lower chamber is replenished by the upper chamber, to ensure a quick refill.

See how it works

How does it work?

When the toilet is flushed, the lower chamber is emptied and then refilled with condensate from the upper chamber.

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If there are multiple flushes in a short period of time, the cistern is filled in the conventional way

This ensures that a full toilet flush is available even when usage frequency is high.

Conversely, if the toilet is not used for a while, surplus condensate is simply drained away.

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Eco Cistem can be used in any concealed toilet installation.

This includes both new build applications or as a retrofit to existing toilets.

Find out what you could save

Want to save water and money from a sustainable toilet solution?

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