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How it works


When you consider how many buildings across the world have air conditioning, billions of litres of condensate water is produced every year.

But all of it is wasted.

Until now.

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The invention

Eco Cistem was invented by two directors of the UK-based G&H Group, a £80 million mechanical and electrical company founded in 1998.

Having designed, built and installed mechanical and electrical power systems throughout their careers, they saw first-hand how water produced by air conditioning units literally goes down the drain – but not via the toilet.

They became obsessed with finding a way of reusing this free water source.

Using their extensive knowledge they, and a carefully selected team of specialist engineers and designers, spent over three years rigorously researching and developing the product to create the world’s most environmentally friendly toilet cistern.


See how the Eco Cistem works


The Eco Cistem was designed and developed in the UK.

Every proprietary Eco Cistem component is manufactured in England and distributed globally.


The cistern is made from High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)
and Polyoxmethylene.

Every product is rigorously tested, conforming to the highest international quality standards.

It comes with a two year warranty.


Want to save water and money from a sustainable toilet solution?

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