A multinational construction company has reduced the amount of water it uses to flush the toilet by over 75 per cent after installing Eco Cistems.

Yearlong performance data collated at the company’s North West England office headquarters shows standard cisterns in the same toilet block each used 61,806m³ of water.

Eco Cistem, which is the world’s only cistern to use condensate from air conditioning units to flush the toilet, used just 14,695m³ – 76.2 per cent less.

Eco Cistem Technical Director, David Davis, said: “Toilets are used regularly in offices and there are usually a large number of them especially in multi-storey developments meaning the water saving potential is vast.

“Our results, gathered from a year of monitoring, show that water use will be reduced by three-quarters simply by swapping traditional cisterns for Eco Cistem.

“These figures are very impressive especially when you consider they were achieved in northern England.

“Water savings are even greater in hotter climates where more condensate is generated so offices in the Middle East, America, Asia, South America and Australia will save far more than 76 per cent.

“Eco Cistems have been designed so they can be installed in new developments and retrofitted.

“We also have a cascade system so if any condensate is generated and can’t be stored in the cistern because it’s already full, it can be fed to the toilets on the floors below so this free, sustainable water supply is never wasted.”

By using a free condensate supply, Eco Cistem virtually eliminates the need to use mains water when flushing the toilet.

And in another first for cisterns, Eco Cistem could provide two extra BREEAM credits and as many as five when used with other water saving devices.  Up to six LEED points could also be claimed.

Eco Cistem is also ideally suited to hotels, apartments, villas and any building where there are toilets and air conditioning units.