Global hotels will save billions of litres of water that would otherwise be wasted simply by installing Eco Cistems, new industry data reveals.

Eco Cistem is the most environmentally friendly cistern available as it uses a free, sustainable water supply that until now has been drained away.

Data from the leading hotel benchmarking specialist, STR, shows 15,119 rooms in 114 hotels are currently being built in the UK.

Compared to traditional cisterns, using Eco Cistem would save each of these hotels 1.92 million litres a year based on average 80% occupancy levels.

In total, Eco Cistem would save them 218 million litres of water, which for context would fill the equivalent of 87 Olympic swimming pools a year.

And the water savings are even higher in hotter climates where more condensate is generated meaning global hotels will save billions of litres of water every year.

In the United States, the 1,477 hotels currently in construction would save 4.7 billion litres of water a year filling 1,880 Olympic pools.

In the Middle East, 2.4 billion litres of water would be saved annually for the 302 hotels being built.

This would be enough water to fill 960 Olympic swimming pools.

Eco Cistem Technical Director, David Davis, said: “When you consider how many toilets there are in hotels globally and how much air conditioning is used, billions of litres of condensate water is generated every year that could be saved and reused.

“When added together, it could make a huge difference in addressing the global water shortage crisis.”

Eco Cistem’s patented technology means the amount of water used in each flush is adjustable from six to 3.5 litres to meet different international requirements.