Eco Cistem has created a cascade system allowing excess condensate that cannot be stored when the cisterns are full to be used in toilets on floors below, fully optimising every drop of free water available.

This design solution is ideally suited to hotels and offices where toilets are directly below each other over several floors.

Eco Cistem is the world’s only cistern to use condensate from air conditioning units to flush the toilet.

Technical Director at Eco Cistem, David Davis, said: “In hot climates where a large amount of condensate is generated, Eco Cistem’s upper 12 litre chamber for condensate will fill very quickly if the toilet hasn’t been flushed for a period of time.

“Instead of this free, sustainable water source being drained away we are able to cascade it to Eco Cistems on the floors below.

“It is such a simple solution that it can be included in a building’s public health design.”

Optimising every drop of this alternative water source will help additional BREEAM credits to be claimed, enabling buildings to improve their score towards an ‘outstanding’ rating in a more cost-effective way

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